18 ways to promote your online work

by Jason Preston on September 30, 2008

Journalists should be thinking about their online work as much or more than their print work. At this point, it’s job security—develop a personal brand online by pursuing good entrepreneurial journalism, and you’ll become an extremely valuable asset to any newspaper.

The more you propagate your work after you’ve written it, the more people are going to come to know your name, the bigger your personal audience will be, and the more leverage you’ll have when it comes time to negotiate that raise during the seemingly inevitable wage freeze.

So how do you, a lowly Pulitzer-prize lacking journalist, bring your name to the masses? Here are 18 marketing strategies you can easily use to promote your online work:

  1. Submit the articles you are particularly proud of to the appropriate category on Digg.
  2. Sign up for an account on delicious and tag your articles appropriately.
  3. When leaving comments on other blogs, in the “URL” field, leave the direct URL to one of your (relevant) articles.
  4. Sign up for an account on Publish2 and suggest your articles to other journalists.
  5. Get a username on Twitter and share links to your articles with your followers, much the way my posts appear in my Twitter feed.
  6. Find bloggers who write about topics relevant to your articles and e-mail them to let them know when you write something interesting (Bruce Weinstein recently did that with me).
  7. Submit your stories to Reddit.
  8. Share your articles on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, sell the rock you’re living behind and move into a new neighborhood.
  9. If you have your own personal blog, link back to your newspaper’s web site occasionally to share something you wrote.
  10. Sign up for an account with StumbleUpon. Spend some time stumbling things, and then give a few of your stories a thumbs-up.
  11. Start subscribing to people on FriendFeed, and share your stories with the people who are subscribing to you.
  12. When you are writing your articles, get permission to link out to bloggers—they will notice the attention and often return the favor.
  13. Pay attention when bloggers write about your stories and link back to you. Go to their blogs and leave a comment every single time.
  14. Find out what URL leads to your individual work with the paper. Put that link in your e-mail signature.
  15. Also put that URL in your Twitter profile and in your Facebook profile.
  16. When you’re handing out your business card, write that URL on the back of the card and tell people that’s where they can find all your work.
  17. Find bloggers who are talking about a subject you covered, and share the link to your article in the comments, but only when it’s relevant, and always provide value in your actual comment.
  18. When you interview people who have a blog or a web site or a presence on a social network, tell them you’ll e-mail them the link to the article when it’s up in case they want to link to it.

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Good list. StumbleUpon has workedout a lot to promote our blog.

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