by Jason Preston on January 14, 2010

Notice how inaccurate Twitter memes correct themselves:

Update 12.57 am:
Silly me. I went to the American Airlines website looking for info, but it did not occur to me to check out American’s twitter feed. There it is, from @AAirwaves (like I would have ever guessed that handle): Cannot fly individual drs/nurses to #haiti, working w/ Red Cross & other agencies 2 provide aid. Donate

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1 Ben Lukoff 01.17.10 at 9:51 pm

Yes, but I still saw a lot of people retweeting the bad information at the same time as people were retweeting the reports that it was all a hoax. People who want to find the good info do so — people to whom it doesn’t even occur to check things out don’t. Just look at Omgfacts:,

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