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by Jason Preston on May 19, 2008

I just slugged through my Akismet spam filter and noticed that it’s been tagging some very legitimate comments as spam, which is why they haven’t been showing up on the site. And here I was worried that nobody cared 😉

Since I’ve marked these comments as “not spam,” Akismet should theoretically do a better job in the future of figuring out what should be approved. That said, there is a surefire way to make your comments show up (immediately, without needing approval): register a user account with this site.

It’s not as scary as it sounds. All it asks for is a username and your e-mail address. Then it emails you a temporary password that you can change.

Also, I’m not collecting your information for any nefarious purposes. I don’t get to see your password, and neither does anyone working at WordPress.

If you don’t feel comfortable signing up, no worries. But if you’re frustrated that your comments aren’t showing up, this is the best guarantee there is. You can always sign up using the link near the bottom of the left sidebar, which looks like this:

Register Link

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1 Greg Werner 06.03.08 at 11:55 am

Why do they charge. Because YOUR value of the article is the same or MORE than it is the day it was published. The proof? You’re looking for it!

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