Fast Flip

by Jason Preston on October 19, 2009

Picture 1.pngGoogle’s Fast Flip, a new slideshow-based navigation interface for recent news, is exactly what Scott Karp calls it: solving the right problem.

I wrote the other day that news brands should focus on creating a good “browse” experience, and let the search engines tackle the “search” experience. If innovation doesn’t start happening in-house soon, then it looks like it’s going to happen somewhere.

I know from the people in journalism that I see and talk to on a regular basis that technical innovation is nearly impossible in most newsrooms, primarily because news organizations still think they can get by with one or two developers.

That kind of thinking is insane. How much time would it take how many developers to toss out something like Fast Flip?

News brands need to be willing to spend — and lose — developer time like that on a regular basis for the next several years. The race to find a good news experience at the computer screen is on, and woe is he who hires no developers.