Fred Wilson says: tend your comments

by Jason Preston on July 29, 2009

The whole post, and everything he links to from his post, is (and are) worth reading. But here’s my favorite bit, regarding comment threads on newspaper articles:

It’s an issue for the news industry because tending to comment threads is not part of a journalist’s traditional job. But I would argue that it is now and they ought to get busy doing it. For one, the journalists that do it and do it well will be better read. And they’ll be better informed. They’ll get tips in the comment threads. They’ll get constructive criticism that will help them do their job better. And they’ll get leads on new stories before others will.


1 Michael Becker 07.31.09 at 7:32 am

Do you have a link to his post so I can read it?

2 Lara 08.03.09 at 7:26 am


3 Jason Preston 08.03.09 at 12:33 pm

Sorry guys – not sure how I let that slip through! Here is his post:

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