Hard Work

by Jason Preston on August 17, 2009

Writing a post every day is hard work. I’ve been losing ground recently and I need to redouble my efforts, but there’s an important lesson here: reactions lag behind your efforts.

That little widget on my sidebar that counts my RSS subscribers fluctuates by about a hundred every day or so, but it keeps a pretty steady trend line. When I first started this blog my rule was one post a day every weekday, and for the vast majority of the time, I’ve kept to that rule. That’s how I built this audience.

You’re not going to go away if I don’t post tomorrow. But if I don’t post the next day. Maybe I post once next week. Or I post three times a month. You get the idea…

Consistency and hard work are under appreciated. Promise what you can achieve, and deliver it consistently. There’s something very powerful about a bundle of paper on your doorstep every day. Consistency is trustworthy.