More evidence that cost per click ads are unfair to publishers

by Jason Preston on August 3, 2009

Cost per click ads are the worst thing that has ever happened to publishers, because it robs them of the opportunity to charge for the other, less tangible benefits of advertising. Gian Fulgoni, co-founder of Comscore (an internet measurement company) agrees with me:

Fulgoni says advertisers and marketers need to forget the click, focus on the sales impact on campaigns and conduct post-buy analysis. They also need to realize that display ads help search advertising succeed and vice versa. Don’t forget the power of creative display ads. Online branding campaigns can be effective. Internet advertising has had an impact on retail that is on par with television.

There are two major data points in that article:

  1. Online display drive offline sales
  2. Clicks don’t measure that

In fact, Fulgoni argues (and I agree), part of the reason big ad budgets are slow to shift to the internet is that publishers are pushing the wrong metrics; it’s time to abandon the click.

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1 Emily W. Sussman 08.04.09 at 6:23 am

Good point. Thanks, Jason!

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