Neglect and l33tsauce

by Jason Preston on November 18, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on Eat Sleep Publish. I’ve been neglecting this blog while I’ve been working hard on my latest project: L33tsauce. It’s a publishing sort of venture, but it’s got everything to do with video games, and not really anything to do with traditional journalism.

One of the conclusions that I’ve been coming to while writing Eat Sleep Publish over the past year and a half is that it’s increasingly difficult, and maybe impossible, to run a profitable content company on the internet if you’re paying for your content to be produced.

At the same time, who wants to be peddling content that’s—well—worth what you paid for it?

L33tsauce is an opportunity for me to marry two of my long-standing interests: publishing and video games. We’ll be launching our private beta this upcoming weekend at MindCamp 6, and hopefully we’ll have most of the bugs ironed out by then 😉

So what is l33tsauce?

L33tsauce is a place where gamers can share their video game know-how on easily-created pages (called “Dojos”), and they get to collect 50% of the ad revenue from every page they make. The page building system is easy and flexible, and I’m excited to find out what people create with them; walkthroughs? short stories?

The business model, I think, is pretty sound. We only make money if the people making dojos make money — true, but on the flip side we only pay our content creators when their content makes money. That keeps our costs under control.

The real gamble is that gamers will want to use the site. Without that, we go nowhere.

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