Syndication is dead or, “Don’t be a splog”

by Jason Preston on February 13, 2009

As part of my day job I help put together some pretty sophisticated sentiment reports. Part of this process includes collecting and categorizing blog posts from all over the web, and weeding out the splogs.

As I was working on the de-splog portion of the process yesterday, it occurred to me that a splog is a blog that takes someone else’s content and republishes it, without a link back.

Sounds like AP content, doesn’t it?

As web content continues to become the norm, syndication is going to be less and less relevant. Why would you “reprint” content that is accessible from anywhere? It’s as if you were buying the right to put up a copy of a photo right next to the first print.

The concept of syndication sucks on the internet because Google defines the way we find and see content. In search, there’s an original source and then there are repeat (i.e. worthless) sources. Don’t be a worthless source.

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1 rikin 02.16.09 at 7:55 am

I don’t think syndication is completely dead. Even for very large publishers, syndication has its benefit. Ever seen an article with 5 links at the bottom that refer back to the original content producer? Priceless links.

Also, Google is actually not a very good option to find the “original” source of content. A site that has perfect SEO but simply rips off other people’s content often filters to the top of the SERP and above the original source’s site.

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