Talk about The Pitch at IdeaLab

by Jason Preston on November 21, 2008

Ryan Sholin from IdeaLab interviewed me last night via Instant Messenger about The Pitch. It was a pretty interesting conversation, and I’d recommend you check it out:

Ryan Sholin: How long has The Pitch been going on, and who is involved with it now?

Jason Preston: The Pitch is actually fairly new, as is my blog Eat Sleep Publish — and they are very much connected. I booted up the blog in May 2008, so, about 7 months ago, and the first Pitch happened on September 18th.

From the very beginning, I’ve wanted to make ESP a hub for opinion as much as a broadcast platform for my own ideas, and given that Seattle has such a vibrant tech community and there are inherent limitations to just how social a WordPress installation can be, I thought doing a real life event would be a natural fit.

Also, I’ll be at MindCamp this weekend, see you there?