The Seattle P-I will become online-only publication

by Jason Preston on March 16, 2009


Sometime last night the classic Seattle P-I url “” (the one that ran through the Seattle Times servers, as directed by the JOA) started resolving to “,” which I have to say is refreshingly short.

It seems that it was a preliminary move to make the announcement that came this morning: The Seattle P-I will print its last paper edition tomorrow, and move to an online-only publication.

It looks to me like Hearst is taking a very smart approach to their first online-only big-city daily. This from Michelle Nicolosi, currently Executive Producer at the Seattle P-I:

We don’t have reporters, editors or producers—everyone will do and be everything: Everyone will write, edit, take photos and shoot video, produce multimedia and curate the home page. That’ll be a training challenge for everyone, but we’re all up for the challenge and totally ready to pick up all these skills.

And of course she addresses one of the principal worries I hear from a lot of people who are instantly skeptical of an online product:

On top of all that of course we’re going to be creating a tremendous amount of original content. We’ll spend our staff time where we know we have something unique and civically important to offer. A lot of our staff efforts will be on coverage of government, spending, crime, and harder news in general.

At first glance, this sounds fantastic. I’m proud to be in a city where the future of publishing is taking shape. Because really, it’s not intellectual pontification from theorists like me that will take us through this change, it’s real hard work and innovation from the people who are actually doing journalism that’s going to move us forward.

Bon Voyage.

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