Windows Media Center sponsors The Pitch again

by Jason Preston on February 17, 2009


Those of you who were at the last Pitch in December should remember the awesome “fill in the blank” t-shirts that the Windows Media Center team handed out to audience members. Or maybe you remember the free Media Center Remotes. Or the free copy of Vista.

OK, you get the idea. We’re all glad that the TV on Your PC group from Windows Media Center will be back in action at The Pitch on March 18th (have you signed up yet?). Not only might we get some free shi–stuff–we also get a chance to talk with them about how they’re helping to shape the future of TV news.

Just because I blab a lot about newspapers on this blog doesn’t mean that I haven’t noticed the changes happening in other news formats as well. “Television” is rapidly becoming “video.” In other words, it’s no longer defined by it’s method of delivery. I have a feeling this transition is going to hit CNN sooner than they think.

If you’d like to keep up with what the Windows Media Center team is doing, or on TV industry trends in general, then you can check out the TV on your PC blog. Which, now that I think about it, actually has an interview with me on the front page. Go me?

Anyways, if you’re not already on the list, be sure to sign up for the pitch.